Terms & Conditions

  1. All applications for the hire of the rooms at Masonic Hall Co Function Suite in the Masonic Hall (hereinafter called “Masonic hall”) for either one or more engagements must be confirmed in writing on the form provided. The person, by whom this application is signed, shall be considered the Hirer. (Where a promoting organisation is named in the application for hire that organization also shall be considered the Hirer and shall be jointly and severally liable hereon with the person who signs the form.)
  2. The rooms which are hired for the purposes of seminars, business meetings, colleges and school classrooms the Hirer will be required to pay the full balance 10 days prior to the event period unless negotiated and agreed in writing otherwise with the authorised manager.
  3. The Hirer shall not sub-let the hired premises or any part thereof. Should he do so, or attempt to do, so the hiring will stand cancelled, and the charges paid forfeited and the Hirer and Sub-Hirer excluded from the accommodation.
  4. The Hirer shall take good care of and shall not cause any damage or permit or suffer any damage to be done to the Masonic Hall, or to any part or parts thereof. Nor to any fittings, equipment, or other property contained therein, and shall make good and pay for any breakages or damage thereto (including accidental damage), caused by any act or neglect of himself, his servants or any persons resorting to the Hall by reason of the use of the hired premises by him.
  5. Under no circumstances shall
    • “Masonic Hall” make good or accept responsibility or liability in respect of any damage or theft or loss of any property, goods, articles or things whatsoever placed, deposited, brought into, or left upon the premises, either by the Hirer for his use or purpose, or by any other person, or left or deposited with any officer or servant of “Masonic Hall” and the Hirer must indemnify and hold “Masonic Hall” and its servants and officers harmless in respect thereof.
    • “Masonic Hall” shall not be liable for any loss due to any breakdown of machinery, failure of supply of electricity, leakage of water, fire, government restriction, or act of God which may cause the premises to be temporarily closed or the hiring to be interrupted or cancelled.
    • The Hirer will allow “Masonic Hall” or its agents to take photos and use these for advertising on social media at their discretion.
  6. The Hirer shall be liable for and shall indemnify “Masonic Hall” in respect of any loss, damage or injury which may be incurred by, or be done or happen to the Hirer, or any person or persons in his employ, or any of his sub-contractors, or by or to any other person or persons resorting to the premises by reason of the use of the hired premises by the Hirer.
  7. The right of entry to the hired premises is reserved to “Masonic Hall” and any “Masonic Hall” employee on duty at any time during the hiring.
  8. The Hirer, his servants, agents and contractors shall, during the hiring and during such other times as they or any of them shall be in the Hall for the purpose of the hiring, comply with all reasonable requirements of “Masonic hall” or its authorised Manager.
  9. The Hirer shall during the hiring be responsible for:-
    • The efficient supervision of the hired premises including the effective control and orderly and safe admission and departure of persons to and from the hired premises and the orderly and safe clearance of the hired premises in case of emergency;
    • The safety of the hired premises and the preservation of good order and decency therein;
    • Ensuring all doors giving exit from the hired premises shall be kept unfastened and unobstructed and immediately available for exit during the whole time the premises are in use, and no obstruction shall be placed or allowed to remain in any corridor giving access to the hired premises.
    • In essence The Hirer will familiarise themselves with, and to comply with, ”Masonic hall” or any third party’s health and safety policies and procedures. The Hirer will also comply with the all of “Masonic Hall” risk assessments along with the site health and safety risk assessments.
  10. The Hirer or his agent shall not be given access to the premises before the agreed starting time on the day of the hiring unless with the consent of “Masonic Hall”, unless previously agreed. If any additional access is required on the day, and not been previously agreed, “Masonic Hall” may charge £50 per hour between the hours of 12am and 6am, and £30 per hour any other time.
  11. The Hirer agrees to use “Masonic Hall” entertainment facilities for the event, unless negotiated and agreed in writing otherwise with the authorised manager.
  12. No alcohol may be brought on to the premises by the Hirer, or by his agent, or any other person using the premises under the hiring. Any exception to this must be agreed in advance and will incur corkage charges. If not paid in advance then the Hirer will be charged and additional 25% to the normal corkage charges and any monies may be deducted from the security deposit. Advance corkage charges will be non-refundable, if unused.
  13. The Hirer shall at the expiration of the period of the hiring leave the premises in the clean and orderly state in which it was found and to remove all rubbish and debris at the end of the event as well as any decorations thereof. If this is not completed then “Masonic Hall” will charge a fee to manage this.
  14. No bolts, nails, tacks, screws, bits, pins, nor other like objects shall be driven into any part of the hired premises, nor shall any placards or other articles be fixed thereto without the previous consent of “Masonic Hall”.
  15. No flags emblems or other decorations shall be displayed outside any part of the Masonic Hall without the previous consent of “Masonic Hall Co”.
  16. No part of the hired premises shall be used for the sale of goods by auction or otherwise except when the hired premises shall be specifically hired for the purpose of holding a sale of works or other similar hiring. And in such cases any auction sale shall be incidental to the main purpose of the hiring.
  17. Any complaint arising out of the hiring must be made in writing to “Masonic Hall Co” or its authorised agent within three days of the occasion of such complaint.
  18. Any notice demand or request by “Masonic Hall” to or upon the Hirer may be sent by ordinary prepaid post addressed to the Hirer at the Hirers address given in the application form and shall be deemed to be made or served at the time when the letter containing the same would be delivered in the ordinary course of post.
  19. The Hirer, selecting catering provided by “Masonic Hall”, agrees to pay the full balance payment 21 days prior to the event. “Masonic Hall” is responsible for all catering arrangements and the clearing up and removal of rubbish generated by the event.
  20. The Hirer, selecting to provide his own catering, agrees to pay the full balance payment 21 days prior to the day of hiring unless agreed in writing with the authorised manager otherwise. The Hirer is responsible for all catering arrangements and the clearing up and removal of rubbish generated by the event.
  21. Deposit
    • Any holding deposits given are non refundable and any cancellations by the Hirer must be given no later than 21 days prior to the event or the Hirer will be responsible for all costs agreed.
    • The Hirer selecting to provide his own catering understands that if condition number 12 of these terms and conditions are not met then the said fees will be taken out their security deposit.
    • Deposits required by the Hirer in relation to damages, cleaning, attendance etc and are payable no later than 21 days prior to event and will be returned no later than 3 days after the event by the same payment method given, subject to no charges being incurred from any invoice raised by Masonic Hall.
    • All deposit amounts are decided at the time of booking and are based on each individual event. Please note however the standard amount will be no less than £200. These will be returned no earlier than 3 days after the event.
  22. The Hirer acknowledges that “Masonic Hall” has taken the necessary steps to comply with GDPR and any personal data will not be shared with anyone unless lawfully made to do so.